Protect your birds from Red Mite

100% natural

Easy to apply 

Safe for humans, birds and environment  

Natural predator of red mite

I have used these and they are brilliant, I had a massive infestation and in a matter of days you could see the difference

Rob. H
United Kingdom

Androlis for sure! I suffered for years with red mite and now since using Androlis they are all gone. I have used bombs, diatomaceous earth and creosote which knocked them back, but never got rid of them

Scott. A
United Kingdom

I used Androlis predator mites last year, really effective and chemical free!

Darren. E
United Kingdom

These are brilliant! I used them last year and solved the problem. I need to order more but I must wait, because I have used powder in the coop and that will kill the Androlis mites as well as some red mites

Sherrie. M
United Kingdom